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Tracks your hours, displays your progress

Simply track your hours and have it displayed to show your progress.

Know exactly where you are in your overall progress to maintain your Practising Certificate.

Summarises important data, such as areas of competence, learning types (formal/informal) and total hours.

User Dashboard
Overall progress shown as a graph
Key information such as total hours, formal/informal learning are shown, including the target
Category hours showing progress vs target
Mandatory topics highlighted and flagged once complete
CoreMOC year view
Drill down by year, with each year based on each indvidual’s anniversary date. Also displays hours accrued vs your maximum allowable hours for that year.
Shows your learning types as a list, including totals to help guide which learning type to target

Dive deeper, year by year

Not only does CoreMOC show you what you have done, but it also guides you to which learning types to go after, or stop doing because you’ve reached your allowable limit.

CoreMOC automates the limits of learning types for each category, including the learning types that span over the entire certification.

Easy to self audit.
Easy when audited by others

CoreMOC lists your training records in order and allows you to export it as a CSV. 

Even better, your evidence files are exported as a ZIP file, so when you are audited, you have everything you need to demonstrate compliance.

Entering training records is made easy, with drop-down boxes to guide you to make the right selection. Furthermore, mandatory fields force you to make complete entries – this eliminates potential for non-compliance due to manual entry.

Populated drop-down menus to keep entries consistent with the MOC scheme.
Mandatory entries means you don’t miss critical information that is required as evidence for the scheme.
Hints and prompts to help guide your selection, as well as highlight important information such as annual limits
Easily export all of your data as CSV, for self audits or when audited by Regulator
Export your evidence in one go
Review and edit your record entries
CoreMOC employer dashboard
Staff accounts have greater access, including adding/removing team members and editing individual records
The entire team on a page, with a traffic light prompt which indicates level of compliance

Transparency for Employers

For Company subscriptions, a team dashboard shows the compliance status of your entire team in one glance.

An intuitive traffic light system drives you towards which individuals you need to focus on.

Company staff accounts have the ability to add, remove or edit record entries on behalf of their managed users. Staff accounts can easily be changed to account for changes in staff. 

Cascade to multiple attendees

As an employer, you can cascade a single training record to multiple users in one single step.

Let’s say you had 6 stat holders attend the one event. You create a record for that event, and select those 6 members of your team to cascade the record to. That record (including evidence) will appear in each stat holders profiles.

Select the users you’d like to cascade the training record to
Ability to quickly select entire teams if applicable

Other Benefits

  • Continually improving – we take user feedback to make improvements to enhance user experience
  • Agile – our dedicated programmers are ready to fix any bugs as they inevitably arise
  • Purpose built – from our own experiences as Practising Certificate holders, as well as managing a team of stat functions – we know what we want from our app
  • Dynamic – we adapt our app to meet the needs of changing legislation, including things like COVID19 dispensation

What's the cost?

Individuals – Free
Company subscription – $200 (ex GST) per managed user per year
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