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Stay relevant. Stay capable. Whilst maintaining your compliance to NSW's Maintenance of Competence scheme.

Core Mine Training manages your statutory holders to ensure capability for their roles, whilst also satisfying MOC requirements

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MoC Management

We enrol your statutory holders on an annual program, which covers a range of relevant topics for OCE’s and MEM’s in open cut mining. Throughout the year, your team hones their capabilities through our program, whilst also maintaining their hours for the MoC Scheme.

Through our CoreMOC app, we give you (or your team) regular health checks on compliance to the MoC scheme; providing you peace of mind.

What is included?

Candidates will get 1 years worth of formal training. They will also have access to the CoreMOC app. Our team manages their enrolments through to input of their hours into the CoreMOC app. Across the 5 years, they will have full compliance to maintain their Practicing Certificate.

How is the training delivered?

Training is delivered based on your needs. This can be face to face or virtually.

How does this help me?

This program completely satisfies all hours for the MOC scheme. More importantly, it reinforces key topics for stat holders to keep them most capable for their roles.

It also removes the confusion around compliance to the MOC scheme.

We input records on behalf of individuals so nothing is missed.

01. Peace of mind for Individuals

As a statutory holder, we plan your annual training requirements to satisfy the MoC scheme. We also input these into our own CoreMOC app, which tracks your progress throughout your Practicing Certificate. Over the 5 years, you will have completely satisfied your MoC requirements.

02. Peace of mind for Employers

We completely manage your statutory holders by scheduling their annual training requirements to satisfy their MoC hours. We input these into our CoreMOC app and provide you visibility on each of your employees.

03. Stay sharp

Compliance is only a by-product of what we do. Our aim is to empower statutory holders with relevant learning to be the most capable in their important roles as mining leaders.

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